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Balanced Choice: The Story of Yes.

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Balance Choice. Solve for x.

What’s your x?
Is it performance? Long life? Sustainability?Or is it something less tangible, like confidence? View the Johnsonite Digital Story Here, or scroll down and download the PDF of the Story

The truth is, your x probably changes from day to day, hour to hour, project to project. It is influenced by the wants, needs and expectations of the people who will work, shop, play, heal or learn within the space. And whether you’re a designer,architect or facility manager, it’s your job to strike a balance. Want to see only the Johnsonite Digital Story - Tarkett Collection Only? Check it out Here

between all of the variables.It’s your job to identify and solve for x. And to do that, you need a system that provides a lot of options. A system that coordinates color and pattern. That balances form and function.Sustainability and performance. A system that helps you balance all of the choices and priorities within a space, and come up with an elegant, cost- effective solution. Our integrated system is built around an idea that we call Balanced Choice. It’s at the heart of every solution we create.

Balanced Choice lets you solve for x, no matter what variables you face.

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