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Hines VA Hospital

The award winning Edward Hines, Jr. Veterans Affairs Hospital, located 12 miles outside of Chicago, Illinois, opened its doors in 1921 and currently serves veterans, including those returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. In order to serve the increasing physical and emotional needs of patients, the 147-acre campus has been undergoing design and structural renovations in the last several years, with over 170 ongoing construction projects throughout the various facilities. The first phase of the renovation using products from Johnsonite was completed in 2006, but improvements continue to be made in various areas of the complex.

Sustainable Goals

While the designers were not aiming for LEED certification for the hospital, sustainability was at the forefront of product specification to meet the increased hygienic and environmental needs of a healthcare facility. The designers made the choice to recognize the people-friendly standards of FloorScore® certified products, as well as products which require minimal maintenance with consistent performance. In choosing various Johnsonite solutions such as I.D. Premier wood planks, Prima Olio, Mesto, Cityscape and more, for various large-scale applications, the designers were able to achieve all their flooring goals.

Overcoming Challenges

Among the challenges in designing and constructing a healthcare facility, it was important for the Hines VA Hospital designers to minimize disruption in the facility and expedite installation. The scale of the project was so large that, initially, there wasn't enough inventory in the local Chicago area. But they worked closely with the installers to get the product delivered in a timely and cooperative manner. The flooring contractor, who has worked with Johnsonite products in the past and was confident they would work to provide a solution, was able to complete the job on time and with minimal product waste.

Creative Dining

The hospital's main cafeteria, the Canteen, was designed to capture the spirit of America, and is decorated with murals depicting various geographic and cultural areas including the Midwest, mountain ranges and various farming areas. To complement the artwork, the designers wanted a high-functioning but neutrally colored tile that would require minimum upkeep. To meet their color, performance and maintenance goals, over 4,500 feet of Johnsonite's Optima tile in shades of brown and dark brown were installed in this area of the hospital.

Project Facts

Country: USA

City: Hines, Illinois

Type of Project: Hospital Renovation

Installation Period: 2009-2010

Architect: Proteus Group

Service Provider: PCI FlorTech

Total Flooring Surface Installed: 30,000 Square Feet

Products Installed: I.D., Premier, Optima, Mesto, CityScape, Prima Olio