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The Goddard School Early Childhood Learning Center

Situated in the Calavera Hills Community of Carlsbad, California is the brand new Goddard School Early Childhood Learning Center. This new 8,570 sq. ft. one story building is used for a pre-school based on The Goddard School’s National Standards, serving children from six weeks to five-years-old.

The design team at Smith Consulting Architects was tasked with finding a sustainable, durable and low, easy maintenance flooring product as well as looking to create a fun and safe environment for early childhood development as well as were the deciding factors in why Smith Consulting Architects chose the Johnsonite iQ Optima Homogeneous Sheet and Tile products in the new Goddard School in Carlsbad, California.

The Johnsonite iQ Optima product line is an easy to maintain flooring option for a busy school environment. The products are no wax, no finish for life and are easy to clean with a neutral pH cleaner. “We chose iQ Optima because it is easy-to-clean, doesn’t require any waxing and can reduce water, detergent and energy costs,” said Katie Hale, Interior Designer at Smith Consulting Architects. “And we know it will be able to withstand the harsh treatment little kids are bound to give it.”

Smith Consulting Architects commitment to sustainability on this project was also seen in other design highlights including the incorporation of no or low VOC paints, the suspended ceiling tile qualified as High Recycled Content (HRC) and the woods in the cabinet construction do not off-gas. The landscaping was designed for low water use and the site drainage met LEED standard for water quality. “The windows in all the classrooms are operable, allowing fresh air indoors and less energy to run the air conditioning as well.” Hale said.

The team was inspired by bright and playful colors that would appeal to children. “Since the school provides teaching and care for infants and older kids we wanted to create different color palettes to serve as a sort of way finding,” said Hale. “We chose brighter, more vibrant colors for the 3-5 year classrooms, and more subtle pastels for the 0-36 month classrooms. This design intent was then enhanced by the addition of muralsjungle theme for the older kids and ocean theme for the younger kids.”

“The Johnsonite iQ Optima product line offers very vibrant colors that are difficult to find in other resilient products, especially VCT,” Hale said. “The durability and low, easy maintenance were two of the driving factors that really attracted us to iQ Optima in the first place.”

Project Facts

Country: USA

City: Carlsbad, California

Type of Project: New Construction

Installation Period: April 2013-September 2013

Designer: Smith Consulting Architects

Distributor: Diamond W

Flooring Installer: A&S Carpet

General Contractor: Ledcor

Total Flooring Surface Installed: 7,400 Square Feet

Products Installed: iQ Optima Homogeneous Sheet & Tile, Johnsonite Rubber Wall Base




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