Product Submittals

One way to think of sustainability is to visualize a triple bottom line: people, the environment and economics. In order for products to be truly sustainable, they have to balance each component of the bottom line. If a product is only good for the environment, few people will use it.


Let’s say we offered a floor made from totally recycled content. But it wasn’t good for the people who use the space because it smelled funny. Or let’s say it smelled fine, but it had to be replaced every two years. Too disruptive and too costly.


Human Impact | Environmental Impact | Financial Impact

The other element is the economic factor to maximize the return on investment to the end-user of a space. Johnsonite creates solutions that are based on long functional lives to minimize energy consumed by alternate materials. Johnsonite solutions contribute in the following ways:

  • Effective ROI based on long-term durability
  • Solutions have ease of maintenance as they can be cleaned with a mop and neutral ph cleaner. This saves on costs of labor, water and cleaning products.
  • Slip-resistant to reduce accidents and resulting medical costs and downtime
  • Innovation increases efficiencies and quality; reduces costs
  • Ease of installation and replacement saves costs
  • Many products reusable
  • Styuvesant, Alliance, UCLA, Timken – See above regarding Flash case studies