Product Submittals

One way to think of sustainability is to visualize a triple bottom line: people, the environment and economics. In order for products to be truly sustainable, they have to balance each component of the bottom line. If a product is only good for the environment, few people will use it.

Let’s say we offered a floor made from totally recycled content. But it wasn’t good for the people who use the space because it smelled funny. Or let’s say it smelled fine, but it had to be replaced every two years. Too disruptive and too costly.

Learn more about the key factors of the Triple Bottom Line:
Human Impact | Environmental Impact | Financial Impact

It is our responsibility as a manufacturer to take all possible steps to avoid injury. Johnsonite solutions contribute in the following ways:

  • Important life-safety and productivity features that reduce slip/fall and tripping accidents, as well as systems for safer evacuation in emergencies
  • Product and adhesive systems that contribute to internal air quality
  • Motivating spaces by use of color and patterns decreasing anxiety and depression of individuals within a space
  • Transitions greatly reduce risk of tripping
  • Alerts visually impaired to slip/fall dangers at top of stairs and other areas
  • Reduces leg and foot fatigue
  • No rubber/latex to cause allergic reactions
  • Offers thermal comfort and minimizes noise for more pleasant surroundings
  • Safe-T-First improves egress in emergency situations
  • Welding rod available decreasing bacteria growth