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With a unique installation system, Transcend SureSet takes high-end designs and partners them with high-end performance. SureSet Technology allows for simple, fast installation and stands up to high traffic areas, absorbs sound and can be installed in areas with high moisture levels in the subfloor. A unique, sculpted backing system with pre-applied adhesive allows for flexible, easy installation in which planks and tiles and repositionable and easy to remove.

Transcend SureSetTM is a solution for high subfloor moisture, the need for immediate occupancy and lower maintenance costs. SureSetTM technology is approved for application up to 95% RH*, and when used in conjunction with Tarkett’s SureStart underlayment it’s approved for applications up to 99% RH*. Transcend SureSetTM is ideal for commercial applications because once installed it is available for immediate occupancy saving on the cost of downtime for your space. Transcend SureSetTM is protected with a high performance commercial urethane finish that enhances durability, clean-ability and lowers maintenance costs.

* See installation instructions for details

SureSet Technology Features:
  • Fast and easy installation requires no glue and is easy to cut with a utility knife
  • Waterproof* flooring is usable in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Unique floor designs with modern colors and textures
  • Resistant to damage from scratching, denting and is dimensionally stabile
  • Withstands rolling loads as well as traditional glue down floors**

TRANSCEND™ CLICK with FreeSpan™ locking technology

The high-end wood and tile designs will catch the eye.  The quick-click, secure-locking, easy installation will pique your interest.  The child and pet friendly, waterproof performance will seal the deal.  Warm, comfortable and quiet, Transcend Click is luxury flooring at its best.

FreeSpan locking technology Features:
  • Easy to Install Floating floor with an easy “click” system
  • New designs featuring wider planks and larger tiles
  • Waterproof* flooring is usable in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Durable UV-cured urethane top coat protects against scuffs, scratches, stains, and wear

tarkett-sureset_0526 from Tarkett Contract on Vimeo.

* See Warranty for Details
** See Installations Instruction for Details

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