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SlideLock® Configurations ® 

Creative. Flexible. Portable

Create the perfect functional flooring solution with the most flexible and attractive option possible… SlideLock Configurations rubber tile. The marbleized patterns emulate the look and feel of stones and woods. Colorways blend in to any environment, while helping to hide subfloor irregularities. A glueless system, SlideLock rubber tiles are a great solution over access flooring or as a temporary or permanent flooring where the subfloor is not suitable for adhering tile. For subfloors with contamination or moisture problems, SlideLock tiles permit periodic inspection or removal for servicing. SlideLock’s flexibility and patented locking system allows individual tiles to be easily removed and reinstalled anywhere in the room…pick up one or the entire floor. And you don’t have to worry about performance. SlideLock rubber tiles provide comfort under foot, are durable and slip-resistant, which means people miss less work and you worry less about lawsuits. They provide an extra measure of comfort and sound absorption. Finished with the flooring? Donate it to a charitable cause or return it to Johnsonite under the ReStart® Reclamation Program for reuse into other products.

SlideLock is developed under the practice of Balanced Choice, meeting sustainability objectives through better raw materials, resource stewardship, developing people-friendly spaces and recycling/reusing. SlideLock’s unique composition does not contain phthalates, halogens or chlorine.
















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