Safe-T-First® Luminous Egress Path Marking System



Safe-T-First® Luminous Egress Path System uses photoluminescent technology to provide a complete escape routing system through emergency egress stairwells and hallways that may go dark in the event of a fire or unexpected power outage. Safe-T-First meets International Building Codes requirements.

Safe-T-First integrates photoluminescent technology into color and design coordinated resilient flooring products, allowing the space to look well designed, in addition to providing safe passage. To order samples, please call our samples department at 1-800-899-8916. 


  • Low maintenance, highly durable surface finishes that diminish the use of water, chemicals and energy
  • Inorganic strontium aluminate crystals used in the photoluminescence are non-toxic and free from radioactivity
  • Made in the U.S.A. in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified Plant
  • 36 palette A ColorMatch® colors that coordinate through every Johnsonite flooring solution


Complete Johnsonite Safe-T-First® System Offerings:

Rubber Stair Treads           Vinyl Stair Treads
PVIRH-XX-RD | Round Pattern - Square Nose
PVIRH-XX-SQ | Square Pattern - Square Nose
PVIRTR-XX-RD | Rubber Tread & Riser - Round Pattern - Square Nose
PVIRTR-XX-SQ | Rubber Tread & Riser - Square Pattern - Square Nose
PVIHTR-XX | Rubber Tread & Riser - Hammered Pattern - Square Nose
          PVIHDN-XX-SQ | Coextruded 2” Strip - Square Nose
Vinyl Stair Nosings          Tactile Warning Strip
PVITSNN-XX | Top Set Stair Nosing
PVIRCNN-XX-A | Undercut Carpet
PVIRCNN-XX-B | Heavy Duty Overlap Lip
PVIRCN-XX-B2 | Heavy Duty Overlap Lip with 2" Tape
PVIVCDN-XX | Double Undercut Nosing
Wall Base | 4”, 6”          Hand Rail Cover
PDCN-XX-4"x4' | with 1” PL Strip     PDCN-XX-6"x4' | with 1” PL Strip
PDCN-XX-4" x 120' with 1” PL Strip  PDCN-XX-6"x100' | with 1” PL Strip
 Tapes          Cove Caps | Carpet & Resilient
P40708 | 1" Plain Tape
P44151 | 1" Warning Tape with Black Diagonal Stripe
         PCCCN-99-C | 1/4" Carpet
         PSCCN-99-B | 1/8" Resilient
Feature Strip & Guidance Strip Signage


PVFSN-99-1" | 1" Feature Strip
PVGSN-99-1" | 1" Guidance Strip
 P43867F | Man Right Sign - Self-adhesive
P42945F | Man Left Sign - Self-adhesive
P60204 | Door Handle Backing Sticker - Self-adhesive
Corner Guards
PVBGN-XX-D-4' | lengths
PVBGN-XX-D-8' | lengths


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