Vent Cove

Johnsonite Vent Cove Wall Base is manufactured with the most advanced technology and from the highest quality materials to assure dimensional stability, precision fit, and uniform height and gauge. Johnsonite's unique "satin finish" resists scuffing, gouging, will not fade, discolor, or crack with age and is easy to maintain.

Johnsonite Vent Cove Wall Base is manufactured from a homogeneous composition of 100% synthetic rubber, high quality additives and colorants. Its unique vertical, semi-circular vents, along the back surface, permits under floor air circulation to help extend floor life for hardwood, floating floor constructions.

Vent Cove's unique profile is 4" (10.16 cm) high with a 3" (7.62 cm) toe which completely covers expansion voids and permits free expansion of the floor, while providing a finished junction between the wall and floor. Outside corners have 3-11/16" (9.37 cm) returns and can be adapted for either square or round corner configurations.

Vent Cove can be installed using adhesive or screwed into place. Installation and maintenance directions can be found here.

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